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Do you remember the 70's?
Platform shoes, polyester, bell bottom pants,
flower printed shirts, shades, pompadour hair
and Hai Karate Cologne.
OK, so most of the seventies, you'd like to forget.
The music was kickin'!
And I'm not talkin' about Disco!
Music from
Wind and Fire, Rick James,
, Malo, Stevie Wonder,
Tower of Power, The Whispers

I can go on and on!
For some of us "baby boomers" this was
real dance music. The music of the era
was lyrical and memorable - and most of all
it was downright

The original KicKBacK band evolved
from the Revelers Band during the mid seventies.
We were a Top-Forty, R&B, funk band.
We performed for high schools, colleges, associations,
and Asian Community functions in the
San Francisco Bay Area.
We also performed at nightclubs
and frequently played the Bench and Bar in Oakland.
Pauley Ballroom in Berkeley and the
Hollywood Palladium were other venues for casual gigs.
The band was large, with a full rhythm section and
four horn players. What made the band unique
was its High Energy, Costumes, and Showmanship.
Our music was not only danceable...
We were also entertaining!

In 1978-1981 KicKBacK went on the road.
We started our road trip in Hawaii
playing at the Kona Surf Hotel on the Big Island
and Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui.
The band also toured the Pacific Northwest and
the East Coast, including Canada.
By 1981 most of the original members had left the band.
In 1983 KicKBacK II was formed.
KicKBack II performed from 1983-1987, mostly in
nightclubs, and played for certain
Asian Community functions in the Bay Area.

In the beginning of 1998 the original KicKBacK band
was reformed after 20 years with almost all the original
members from the 1978 band .
That's right, original members, still going strong:
Alan Revelo - Lead Vocals
Cyrian Tabuena
- Bass Guitar
Ray Tabuena
- Alto and Bari Sax
Reggie Regino
- Trumpet
Nestor Regino - Tenor and Sorpano Sax/Flute
Returning to the band was keyboard player,
Erwin Balza, a member from the KickBack II.
New to the band is Rafael Acevedo on Tenor Sax,
Neil Stallings - Guitar
Marla Goody
- Lead Vocals
Bobby Acevedo  - Percussions, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Flute
Throughout several year of transformations,
we saw the return of our original
drummer, Rick Bailey
With this, again we become KicKBacK!

KicKBacK has been a strong and exciting
entertainment act throughout the years.
The year 2010 has brought the band into a new era.
While several of our dear members have moved on
to other life challenges, the heart of KicKBacK
remains true to our fans. We are dedicated to
bringing you new experiences of KicKBacK!

KicKBacK's no-nonsense "get-up-and-dance" approach
(coupled with slick choreography and tasty horn licks)
will, as always, make your evening ...
A Night to Remember!